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Welcome to Glenn's Gun Room

I was browseing Gunbroker.com one day and happened upon an ugly duckling that was sorely in need of a new home.
This is an Antique Hopkins and Allen 32 rimfire bootgun.

The gun was in terrible shape. The trigger was missing along with the main spring, cylinder pin latch and grips. The nose on the cylinder was correded away and only half of it was about the right length. The barrel was halfway on and looks terrible on the inside.
Given the shape fo this gun, I don't think it would be wrong to restore it with some modifications along the way.

The first thing to do was scrub the deap seated rust out and take inventory of the parts. A new trigger was roughed out and test fitted to the gun then adjusted and pollished. The trigger got a flame blue and was oil hardened.

The main spring gave me a few fits trying to get the geomety right, but with a link on the bottom of the hammer and a bit of trial and error, a new spring was made from piano wire and seems to be working fine.
I found a rather nice looking piece of hardwood discuised as a pallet and have been useing it for various projects. A small portion was put to use as grips for this little gun.

The nose on the cylinder was milled off, then the center hole was opened up and a bushing soldered in place. It looks much better now.

The barrel was screwed back in place, but may need to be set back a thread or two to clean things up.
32 Rimfire ammo is rather unavailible at the moment so I thought it might be better to convert this to center fire. The chamber fits a 32 short Colt perfectly.
The frame was modified for centerfire and a pin soldered into the hammer. I haven't taken it to the range yet, but it looks like everything should work fine.