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Welcome to Glenn's Gun Room

This is an attempt at a totally homemade pistol.
There is no BATF restrictions on building a gun for yourself as long as you can legally own the finished product and you don't sell it.

I started with some 3/4x1 1/2" rectangular steel tubeing. The strength of the structural grade B is almost the same as 4130, so I don't think I'll have any problems as long as I keep the loads reasonable.
I cut the frame and grip on the chop saw and brazed the two together.
I got a 30-30 takeoff barrel on ebay for cheap, so I cut it to 10" and used it.
I made my own chamber reamer from O-1 drill rod, it cut fine, but the chamber ened up a bit on the large side, so I'll have to make the reamer smaller for the next one.
The cartrige is a 38 special necked down to 30cal and loaded with a Lee 113gn cast bullet to a velocity of about 1100fps.
I used Quickload to estimate pressures and proofed the gun at just over 30ksi, it held fine and I'll keep my working loads around 12-20ksi.
All the pins are 1/4" grade 8 bolts. I could have recessed them in and cut the heads off, but I thought I'd go more for the nuts and bolts look.