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This is an original 577 cal Belgian made Howda.
More text to follow, just pics for now.
This is a 577 pinfire double pistol.
it looks like I'll be able to use 28ga brass and cut it down to modify for cases.

This is shown next to my 70 cal. The 70 cal is on the botton and the 577 on top. The bore is riffled.
The whole guns is decorated through out with engravings of floral patterns and geometric designs.
This gun is missing the unique extractor system on top of the barrel that functions as a saftey also integrated with the reat sight.
I have one on my 70 cal, so I'll try to duplicate it.
The bore is in good condition, light pitting, and smooth groved riffling!!
The grips have beautiful carvings , the etching is still deep and all original.