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This is from an aquantence of mine in Norway who built a 45-70 Howda on a Saur 12ga.

This is Calibros' Howda. He cut the barrels off at 10"
and used a new barrel from a Ruger No.1 in 458win to cut down
and turn into barrel inserts.
He rebuilt the extractor to grab the 45-70 cases
and layed up fiberglass for the stock.

Handlaid firberglass grips.

New sights installed, similar to his 454 Casull.

While testing loads at the range, he had both barrels
light off at the same time under recoil!!.
He has adjusted the sear engagement to avoid a future occurance. calibros intends to take his Howda to Africa in June on Safari.

Sounds like too much fun for me.