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Welcome to Glenn's Gun Room

This project will be to build a heavy 12 gauge slug gun.
The action for this gun is a Hopkins and Allen falling block that was originally a take down 12ga shotgun.

I will be useing a rifled slug barrel from ER Shaw. The chamber will initially be cut to 3", but might grow out to 3.8" as the project progresses. The ammo will be loaded useing a modified 50BMG case. The rim will be turned off and a brass washer threaded on the base. The washer will then be turned down to standard 12ga rim dimensions. The extra thick brass of the 50 cal cases should add some measure of strength, plus it will allow for a 3.8" 12ga case.
The target goal will be a 1000gn cast bullet going 1900-2100fps.
Some pics for now while the parts are comeing in.

Possible finished Gun.