Received my package of 50/50 yesterday. In fact I am pan lubing some bullets for my 475 Linebaugh right now. Thank you for the fast attention when we discovered the mix-up. Others swear by your lube. I swear by your people. I know where I will buy my lube from now on. And I will tell anyone else I meet who may need your product. Thanks again.


Hi there, The lubes arrived this weekend and I can’t wait to try them out - thank you! Packaging was excellent - it was 115 degrees in Phoenix that day (at least 160 degrees sitting in the mailbox) and the lube looked like it would behind a glass case in an air conditioned sports shop :) Excellent! Thanks again and have a great week.

Mark M

Anyway I will be contacting you soon for more lube Dale is upstairs right now lubing about 1,200. bullets for his 358. His groups have decreased about 1/3 from the saeco lube he was using on it. That is some serious voodoo lube you got there Take care.


Glenn Here are some pic's of the national record I shot on Sunday. Also Wally Enga shot 2 National records on Saturday the 12 of May at Hawkeye Rifle & Pistol Club. Of the 2 shoots in the last 2 weeks your lube has been used by the winners of all three classes. Thanks


I tried my cast bullets with the BAC lube with 150 primers and the 230's shot a single ragged hole at 25 yards!(45 acp, 700X). For your information, there is no smoking what so ever with this lube. I have another extremely good load with the Saeco 225's, and Clays with Winchester brass and a F150 primer. Looks like the loads wants to shoot a ragged hole at 25 yards. I’ll be in touch!


Skin Product Testimonials

All is correct. Thanks should be to you! A month or so ago I ordered your liquid Alox bullet lube, and somehow overpaid by a couple of bucks. You sent along a 1 oz. jar of skin ointment. Thank you so much! Have yet to use the bullet lube, but am sure it will be great. As it happens, my wife suffers terribly from cracked fingers and feet, particularly in the winter, and found your ointment far and away the best she has tried. In fact, it's the only product that did a damned thing to heal the cracks. You have a life time customer! Only wish we could buy larger jars. You made me a hero with my wife, who thinks I'm crazy casting my own bullets. God bless, and thanks for a great product. Hope you make a fortune Thanks again I recomend all of your products to everyone!


Dear Mr. Larsen, Thank you for the free sample of toe butter. It has cured my psorasis after just 2 days. I also had a crack on my thumb that healed in 3 days. Several people in my office have tried the toe butter and love it, but don't like the name. We have started a contest to come up with a better name. I told them the person with the winning name might get a free sample. Of course, you'll be the final judge. So far, it has cleared up the rash on Floyd's face after just one day. Katherine has severely cracked hands and it has really helped. She's still using it every day. Katherine's suggestion is "Skin again." Keep up the good work. I'll contact you soon with orders. Do you accept credit cards? Thanks again.

Geri Barrus

Dear Leah & Glenn, Just wanted to drop you a line to say that your products are exceptional. They really work. I noticed improved in my skin within 1 day. The effects last a long time. I wish you success with this wonderful endeavor.


Glenn, your skin stuff showed up today. The wife opened a bottle, loved the smell and grabbed a bottle for herself. It really works and she loves it. You have a customer for life. Thanks.

Ron Fender