We make several different Lubes for Cast Bullets

Roll over the pictures on this page to see some of the incredibly wide selection of Lubes for all your cast bullet needs!

LsStuff also has some Extreme Skin Care Products: Ez Skin - Ez Feet and even Ez Tat!

Rising From The Ashes

A fire started in our shop November 2013, everything had been turned off the whole day as we did yard work instead. The fire spread from one end to the other very fast. From the moment we noticed it, it was already too big and hot for us to do anything...

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Satisfied Customers

Skin Ointment Testimonial

Thank you for the free sample of Easy Skin. It has cured my psoriasis after just 2 days. I also had a crack on my thumb that healed in 3 days. Katherine has severely cracked hands and it has really helped. She's still using it every day. Keep up the good work.

- Geri Barrus

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