Sprue Plate Lube.

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Sprue Plate Lube: one 1 ounce bottle.

White Label's Sprue Plate Lube can used to coat the top of the mold, bottom of the sprue plate, alignment pins as well as the handles.
Also can be used as a gun oil.
A properly lubricated mold block and sprue plate can help the sprue plate to slide easier on the blocks.
This will also help to eliminate lead smears on the top of your molds.
White Label's Sprue Plate Lube can also help if your alignment pins are getting stuck.

How To Apply:
Dab a small amount of Sprue Plate Lube to the corner of an old towel or cotton shop rag.
I cast until the mold gets hot, then pour one more set and make sure that the bases have filled out and are completely flat.
Cut the sprue off, but leave the bullets in the mold.
I use welding gloves and the lubed towel and scrub the top of the mold and bottom side the sprue plate.
Do not put too much on the towel, you do not want the lube to get into the cavities of the mold.
If it does get into the cavities of the mold, let the mold cool to room temp and scrub it clean with hot soapy water and an old tooth brush. Towel the mold off and let it completely dry before pouring any more bullets.

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