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Mt. Baldy Bullet Company

Ranger Rick's Custom Cast Bullets

Pat Marlin's Gas Check Forming Tool and more...

White Label Lube co.
Offering Premium Cast bullet lubes without the premium price.

Check out our new home page here.

The new website is being updated daily, so please be patient while we get everything going.
We appreciate your patience and support :)

We have a new shoping cart for easy online ordering.

e-mail questions or to order at $1.90 per stick.
Updated: 06-18-2012

Price Change: The cost for many of our supplies has gone up since last year. The new prices for our products reflect that change. We are trying to keep the price as reasonable as possible, but refuse to use inferior ingredients.

We have a shortage of materials used for our BPCR Supreme lube.
Currently we are out of BPCR Supreme Until we find another source.

NOTE: Liquid-Xlox-Lube-

We have a large supply in stock and are ready for any size order.

Large orders may take a couple of days, please contact us for shipping times.
32 oz bottle for $10.50, 8 oz bottle for $4.00 We also have a dispenser pump for the 8 oz bottle.
Liquid Xlox Lube Click link for details.

We have an Order Page up now.
Click on the link and print the page.
It should fit on one sheet. You can then fill it out and mail it to us.
Or use it to decide what you want and e-mail your order in.
We do take PayPal , , check or money order.
If you send payment through PayPal, please include a note with the PayPal payment to tell us what you want.
We do get a few payments saying -Here's the money for the lube we talked about.-
We process many orders every day and it's hard to remember what we talked about. thanks.
Also please make sure that your mailing address is correct in PayPal or E-bay. It will speed things along if the lube is sent to the correct address.

We try to ship new orders every day, but it can take up to 5-10 days depending on how busy we are.

We will be happy to send you samples of our stick lubes to try before you buy. The samples are about 1/3 of a stick. We do not do samples of Liquid Xlox.
The USPS changed their rates and now an envelope can't go first class if it has a large bump in it,
so we ask that you pay the $1.56 postage. That way we can still send out free samples without going broke.
Just e-mail us your mailing address and which lubes you would like to try.
We do take PayPal,

New National Record set for Military modified Iron sight match at Dakota Benchrest Shooters ---
Sioux Falls, SD: 200yd 100-4X and 199-9X.
Congradulations to Scott Merchant and thanks for chooseing my 2500+ lube.

New National Record set for Military modified Scope match at Buckeye Rifle & Pistol club ---
Sioux City, IA:
100yd 199-8X and 398-13X.
Congradulations to Wally Enga.
For details see:
Dakota Score Sheet.
Hawkeye Score Sheet.

We have auctions up on Ebay as seller whitelabellube.
We are seller whitelabellube on and also.

If you don't see what you want, please e-mail with what you want.

Places to buy cast bullets lubed with our Carnauba Red and other premium cast bullet lubes.

Mt. Baldy Bullet Company
An excellent variety of calibers and weights for everything from Black Powder cartridge rifles, plain based pistol and gaschecked rifle bullets.

Our Carnauba Red lube is now being used in 700gn 500 S&W ammo from
With heavy cast bullets from Ranger Rick's.

Ranger Rick's Custom Cast Bullets offers a line of premium cast bullets lubed with Carnauba Red.
Need quality bullets for your Big Bore? See what Ranger Rick's has to offer.


Carnauba Red :
This is a Premium High Speed lube without the premium price.
Has been shot to just over 2700 fps in a 30-06 and left a clean barrel! Some shooters report good results near 3000fps!
Eliminates leading and the carnauba leaves your bore shiny clean.
Eliminates leading in problem guns. Works well in many low velocity target loads. Some low velocity loads may need a softer lube, like our BAC lube. Produces less smoke(or none) than other lubes. The color will not leak or bleed like some commercial red lubes.

This lube will stay put on the bullet even when the bullet is damaged beyond use.

It holds up to shipping very well and is used by several Cast Bullet Manufactures.
100% Non-Toxic.

$1.90 per stick in clear plastic tube, or $1.65 packed in zip lock bags.
We do have 2x6" sticks for commercial lube machines. e-mail to order.
2x6” sticks = 10.5 oz, $6.50 ea, can fit 5 in a Flat Rate envelope or 18 in a Flat Rate Box.

This lube is a mix of my Carnauba Red and 50-50, light red in color.
Some of my customers started mixing it this way at home to get a lube with performance similar to Carnauba Red, does not need a heater. Slightly softer than the 2500+ lube.

$1.90 per stick in clear plastic tube, or $1.65 packed in zip lock bags.

2500+ :
This is a stiffer version of our regular 50-50 lube. Works well for all cast bullet needs.
Has been shot to 2500 fps without any leading or fouling.
Does not need a heater. Used by many top shooters in Military Rifle Cast Bullet matches. New National Records set while using our 2500+ lube.

$1.90 per stick in clear plastic tube, or $1.65 packed in zip lock bags.

50-50 Bee's Wax:

This is the lube that will cover 90 percent of all cast bullet needs.
The NRA formula has been the cast bullet accuracy standard for decades and continues to shoot just as well today.
Plain base to around 1600 fps.
Gas Checked to 2200 fps plus.
Works great for smokeless loads in Black Powder Cartridges.
I shoot it in my 454 Casull and 470 Nitro Express with excellent results.

$1.90 per stick in clear plastic tube, or $1.65 packed in zip lock bags.

BPCR Supreme: -Out of Stock- sorry
This lube is great for Black Powder Cartridges or muzzle loaders.
Shooter tested with comments of similar to SPG, but at a much nicer price.
Was used at the Quigley shoot in 2006 with good results.
A stick of SPG(tm) weighs around 1.0-1.1 oz and retails for $3.89.
Our BPCR Supreme weighs about 1.6 oz per stick. That's 50% more lube for less than half the price.

$2.15 per stick in clear plastic tube, or $1.90 packed in zip lock bags.

Liquid Xlox Lube: 32 oz bottle $10.50, 8 oz bottle $4.00
Compare to a 4 oz bottle for $4 from the major online distributors.
Quick and Easy to Apply.
Coats entire bullet with a soft lube coating.
We also have a dispenser pump for the 8 oz bottle for $.75
Liquid Xlox Lube Click link for details.

Xlox 350:
I now have Xlox 350 for sale in 1 quart cans for $10.50. Holds approx 2 lbs.

350 is the current replacement for 2138F and is used for making 50-50 or similar lubes. This has the consistency of a light grease and can not be turned into Liquid Xlox.

shipping is $5.60 in USPS Flat Rate Envelope, $11 via Flat rate box or $11 to Canada and $13 to most other countries
Bulk orders for resale are welcomed, email for bulk price break. Lube for resale or Gun Shows should be in the clear plastic tubes.
e-mail to order.
all lubes $1.90 per stick in clear plastic tube, or $1.65 packed in zip lock bags, except BPCR.
BPCR Supreme is $2.15 per stick in clear plastic tube, or $1.90 packed in zip lock bags

Rossi 357 mag Lever action M92 with 180gn.

454 Casull with 340gn at 50yds. 3 shots went into .120"
Lube with our Traditional 50/50 lube.

Lubes come in hollow or solid sticks 1"x4". Most sticks are around 4.5", instead of trimming to 4" I just leave them as they come out of the mold. The tubes are 5" and they just fit inside with the caps in place.

Dealer inquires welcome.

Compare at $4-5 from the major online distributors.